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"For those of you who are interested in being equipped and edified so that you are used mightily and appropriately in the body of Christ, check out this book. It’s an easy read and a wealth of info."

"As I carefully consider the words contained in this book, The Perfect Man, I am truly grateful that this it has been written and available for such a time as this. It has shed light on many of the questions that I have had over the years as a Believer. I often wondered why I felt like I wasn’t functioning at an underwhelming state in the calling The Lord has for me to do and why it seemed so difficult for me to be able to walk it out in the fullness thereof. I’ve learned through the teachings found in this book that I have been ill equipped and underdeveloped leaving me with a deficit and even a void in my heart because at times I feel less than others who have been called to the same type of ministry. Dr. Andrews explains how vital the fivefold ministry is to the church and what its function is which is to equip the saints for the work of ministry and to edify the body of Christ according to scripture. He further explains the art of conception between these two words; equipping and edifying with the former being masculine and the latter being feminine to show how the two become one in order to produce the perfect man. Is it because the fivefold ministry not operating in it’s full capacity in the church the reason why there are so many Believers unable to fulfill their destinies the way that God intended, yielding underdeveloped ministers? From my own personal experiences, I will say yes. Now I am not blaming the church for anything concerning my development as a Believer as we are all accountable for our individual walk but I am saying I have seen this numerous times and always questioned where are the true apostles and prophets of God and if they were in the church, they were tucked away in a corner somewhere unable to operate in the capacity for which God chose them. This book and the revelation contained in its pages is much needed for the church today and it is my prayer that it circles around the globe and is placed in every bookstore to birth forth The Perfect Man!"

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"I have read the first 2chapters this is a must-read for anyone in the Five Fold ministry! I highly recommend reading this book by Apostle Daniel Andrews! More to come."

I believe The Perfect Man will uncover the subtle inoculation much of the body has been infected by and stir us to the truth and power Ephesians calls us to!

"This book contains powerful revelation and great teaching materials the body needs to be taught and trained in. Not buying this book would truly be a mistake if you want to know about the Five Fold ministries."

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